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A DIY Project at Home

No matter where you are in the world, there are times when you’ll be doing do it yourself home projects. They can involve clothes, household items, household repairs, or really anything! The one time I specifically dealt with DIY projects is when I was overseas visiting family in Singapore. At the time they happened to be working on a room in their home and needed some help. We spent some time brain storming and after some discussion went online to search. Eventually we came across . This was the perfect site for them because it was specific to the situation.

Personally, I was amazed at how easy it was to follow these step by step process and do it ourselves at home. Yes, it took some effort to finish the project. This was, of course, bond to happen because when you are working on any type of project you’re going to work up a sweat. It was almost kind of nice when we did feel this way because it meant we had done a lot of work and it was going so well. In the end, the floor was a success and it was so great to see the finished result.

My main point in telling you all this is that you can do DIY projects if you want. Yes, it won’t be easy, but you can do it if you put your mind to it. Look up something online and read about everything you have to do. Then start the process of actually being able to plan it. Get the supplies you need, make a schedule, and get any help from friends/family. If they are willing, of course.

As I said, it won’t be easy, but try. If you try then you can at least say you did!

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Shower Doors Don’t Have to Be Boring

I needed a new set of shower doors, but nothing really seemed to fit the vibe that I wanted with my bathroom. I went from home improvement store to home improvement store trying to find the right one. It didn’t hit me until later that I could find stores that specialized in shower doors in New Jersey or in any area. I immediately went on a spree, and ended up going to this all plumbing store in New Jersey that wasn’t far from my house. I am so glad that I did!

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a hip lady who told me to look around and if anything catches my eye to let her know. I saw this all glass frosted door that I liked and asked the woman if they had it in the size that I needed for my bathroom. She looked at me and said that that door seemed a little boring for what she thought my taste was. I told her that it was a very safe shower door for me to want. We got to talking about the bathroom remodel I was doing and I showed her photos of what I had done so far that I had on my phone. She told me, “You know. I might have a few doors that might work perfectly for you.”

She took me to the back and told me these were specialty doors that her and her partner create, but they are a little different. Some were frosted but with designs in the glass that were as clear as a bell. I feel in love with them but the butterflies and floral were not my cup of tea. Then she showed me this gorgeous door that was almost a stained glass look with so many different colors inter weaved together. I am telling you, I fell in love with that door. It was a statement piece. I asked how much it was and she said she’d give it to me for cheap because she could tell that I connected with the door.

When I got it installed, it fit in perfectly with the rest of the room. It became the focal point of the bathroom, and I loved it. The sun shining in on it made the most beautiful designs on the floor as well. I never knew there was so many different kinds of shower doors, nor did I realize so many were more than just a plain glass door.

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I Hope to Be Back Home Soon

I am not really thinking too much about the future really, I am just trying to get out of the hole and find a way to get back on my feet right. Of course I have government benefits and for now I am doing well compared to where I could be. My uncle owns a company that does tree removal in Hendersonville NC and I moved up there so that I could make some money this summer. He has a loft over his garage. I cleaned it up and made myself a really comfortable place to lay my head, although it is not going to be suitable when the weather turns cold in about three months or so. Hendersonville is in the mountains, a little south of Asheville and when the weather turns up here it turns fast. There is actually a ski slope within walking distance of here, if you are tough enough to walk up and down mountain slopes of course.

If I want to talk to the store from here, the actual distance is not far at all. I suppose that it is less than three quarters of a mile. However it is up hill all of the way and I lose my breath a little when I go there. Of course I am trying to lay off my bad habits, although if I knew any girls around here I am sure I would fall prey to that temptation rapidly. So when I go to the store I buy things that I have to have. I am saving pretty much every dime I can without starving to death. Of course when food is your only expense that is not much money that you have to spend. I will head back home when the winter starts up here and I have a good job lined up I hope.

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I Guess That I Am Sort of in Charge Now

It is not as though it makes much sense, I am a 19 year old college student trying to make a little money this summer before I go back to campus in the fall. I have been working at this really nice Italian restaurant, or at least it is a really nice place if you have the money to eat there. In the kitchen you have to deal with the boss, who is pretty much a maniac. Since I have been there he has fired three other guys, one for not getting someone to do grease trap cleaning in NJ just yesterday. That was really a big deal, but it seemed to everyone else that he was the one who was ultimately responsible for getting it done. James is a little older than me and he barely speaks English well enough to talk on the phone honestly. I am not sure he really understood why he was getting fired. He was really good at running the kitchen and I have a feeling he will eventually be running a big kitchen if he can overcome his shortcomings in dealing with people.

I have actually learned a lot since I started working in this place back when I was a sophomore in high school and I was the dishwasher. However the main reason I am running the place when the boss is not here is that I speak Spanish and English, both of them really well if I say it myself. That is really essential, you have to be able to communicate with all of the people that work here. Luckily for me, all the guys in the kitchen know what they are doing and they seem to work better for me than the boss. He is a really good chef, but I am certain things work better without him and his attitude.

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Unintentionally Exploring a Hot Trend

Hot yoga is something that I’ve read about, but I never imagined that I would be doing. I’ve been running the studio for about five years, and during the middle of one of my yoga classes, the air conditioner stopped working. Everyone in the studio began to sweat a lot more than usual, and it was beginning to feel like a sauna. I had to make the entire class take more breaks than we normally do, and I aimed some fans at the class. I had to find a company for a repair on an HVAC in Bronx or else we would all be sweating bullets for the future classes.

I asked the class if they wanted to end early that day, but they decided that they wanted to continue doing yoga in the heat. I thought they were crazy, but they were paying me to teach them yoga, so kept the class going. In a way, it was heart warming to see everyone so dedicated to continue with the yoga, but it was also something that I don’t want to do again anytime soon. Once the class was over, I looked at as many repair companies as I could find.

I was able to get in touch with a company and they came to the studio to figure out why the air conditioner wasn’t behaving properly. They did a little bit of disassembly and found a few parts that had worn out from regular use. It was fairly easy for the company to replace these parts and the air conditioner returned to its normal operations. On the next day of yoga class, my students asked me if I could turn the air conditioner off again so they could perform yoga in the heat, and I politely declined because I didn’t want to pass out.

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I Wanted to Lose 20 Pounds

I decided once and for all to lose the extra weight I had been carrying around since I had my third child a couple of years ago. I didn’t think much of it because it was just 20 pounds, and I had already gotten used to it. When my doctor told me that I should lose it though to feel even better, I decided to just get it over with. The only problem was, I couldn’t do it on my own. I ended up finding the solution at after a good friend told me that Thyramine is what helped her with her baby weight too.

It is not that this supplement is designed to help women with post baby weight. It was just a coincidence that she needed to lose baby weight also. She had tried for months and was not seeing any real progress, and she decided to try a supplement that would actually increase her thyroid function. Continue reading

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I Am Back in School Now

Of course I was in college for two and a half years and I was doing really well, but there was not enough money for me to finish right off. So I went back home and began to work a job at a department store during the day. At night I managed to find this thing doing physics tuition for rich kids, or at least most of them were rich. It is not like a poor person can really afford to pay someone to tutor their kids. They were usually willing to work hard enough, which is really great. Continue reading

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My Condo Looks Great Because of Cleaning Services

I am not the type of person to use home cleaning services for Singapore residents, or at least I never used to be the type. I am not lazy, so that is just something that I always took care of on my own. Even when my work hours got a bit busier, I just reorganized my time to fit everything in. That was fine when I was only working a few extra hours extra a week, but a special work project came up that required about 20 extra hours per week. It was something I was extremely excited about, but I also knew that I could not squeeze an extra 20 hours into my week without giving up a lot of things.

One of those things was cleaning my house. Continue reading

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Security is Taking Care of Loved Ones

My dad always made sure that we had food in our stomachs and socks on our feet. We never wanted for anything although we did not have the designer clothes that the girls in school had. My dad said he was going to go looking for monuments in Essex County NJ and I really was not shocked at all. He said that he wanted to make sure that we did not have to worry about any of those things after he died. I really respected my dad for what he said and what he did. I found that my dad was always making sure he was taken care of so that we did not have to take care of him. Continue reading

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Flood Monitoring is Included with This ADT Package

My house is located right on the river. Flooding has always been an issue, but we have been quite fortunate here. Some of our neighbors get flooded every year, but we only had to go through that twice in all the years we have been here. One of the things that I did recently was look into ADT in Colorado Springs because they have flood monitoring as part of the package deal. Even though I have been fortunate where I live for being right on the river, I knew that any safeguards in place to alert me if there is flooding going on is well worth the price. Continue reading

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Creating a Network of Contractors for One-Stop Shopping

I am a general contractor and have come up with an idea to create a network of different contractors in which we all refer each other to our customers. It can be kind of like a one-stop shop. We could all set our own prices but would have the opportunity to possibly give a discount if the customer uses multiple services from our network. I have made initial contact with everybody I have in mind except for a Nassau County tree service company. I plan on calling a former colleague who does this scope of work.

I already know a lot about his company as I have used his services myself and think that his prices are reasonable and fair. He has a professional staff of laborers, a certified arborist and sales reps. Continue reading

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Our Retail Store Parking Lot Needed Repaved in the Worst Way

Sometimes I wait too long to get things done. I like to make sure there is money in the bank for those rainy days that happen when you own retail real estate. A broken AC unit could cost us 10 grand and happen at any moment. I like to wait to do major renovations as keeping a positive cash flow is important. However, when something needs done, I get the best people to do the best job possible. It lasts longer when you do that. I hired a company that does paving in Nassau County NY to resurface the parking lot at a small retail complex we own. I stopped by to inspect the property and make notes, and I stepped into a big puddle when I got out of my vehicle. I had let this parking lot go too long before repairing it. Continue reading

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I Am Headed Down the Right Path in School

My parents have told me that the education they received was not as demanding as young people get in school now. I have been struggling with my physics classes, so I’ve been getting help from the company at that my parents found to help me. The man who owns it is a tutor. Without the help that he offers, I think I would have failed my class at school. He helps to break everything down in ways that is easy to understand. That alone has made me far less stressed.

My parents told me that they did not even need to take physics when they were in school. My school also demands that we learn a second language, and my mom and dad did not have to do that when they were getting their education either. Continue reading

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My New Job in As a Leasing Consultant

I am going to start a new job next week at New Futura Condos as a leasing consultant. I am extremely excited to embark on this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to start working for this company. These are new luxury condos in Singapore that are sure to attract a multitude of people wanting to live there. Part of my job will be giving tours to potential new tenants and buyers. I’m looking forward to meeting and helping these people find their new homes. I know it will be a little different every single day which is a good thing.

One thing I have to do is learn everything I can about this new community. I need to be prepared to answer any and all inquiries that come my way. Continue reading

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I Found a New Apartment Last Week

Of course the place I was living was okay, but I did not have my name on the lease and the guy who did just packed up and vanished. The landlord came and tried to bully me into hiring a service that does house cleaning for Singapore, but I just laughed at him and asked him what was in it for me. Obviously when you sign the lease they make you pay that thing that they can keep if you do not do like you agree, a security deposit. I did not pay a security deposit, in fact there were two other people sharing his apartment before I did. My name is not on anything and they have nothing on me. I made a deal with the guy who did that, but he has gone some place else. I think that he moved in with his girlfriend. Continue reading

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I Hurt My Tailbone in a Fall

I have fallen a few times in the past, and the only thing that was hurt was my pride. When I fell this last time though, my pride was the last thing that I was thinking of. I could barely get up on my own, and my tailbone hurt so much. It hurt to walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to do just about anything. I spent nearly two days laying on my couch or bed, but then I knew I had to look up some Santa Maria chiropractors and find one who would be able to see me that same day.

I could not go through another day of just laying there in pain, and I knew that I needed to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong too. Continue reading

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I Wanted to Look Good Again Without Resorting to Makeup

“Your skin is looking rather unhealthy,” my husband said to me one night when we were sitting down at the table for a nice dinner. It was frustrating, but I knew he was right. My mom had also pointed it out to me. I booked an appointment with an aesthetic clinic soon after my husband made that comment to me. I knew that neither he nor my mother were being cruel. We all point out changes in one another. I’m glad they said something because it made me realize that I should go get help before things got out of control.

Cosmetics have never been my thing. Most of my friends love cosmetics. Continue reading

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How In-Line Skating is Bad for Your Back

In-line skating can be hazardous to your back. What makes it even more interesting is that I was not the skater! I was crossing a paved path from the beach to our car to get the cooler and beach umbrella. I waited as a bunch of bicyclists and skaters went by on the path. I crossed and almost got clipped by a guy zooming along super fast on skates. He was a big guy too. One of those muscle-bound dudes you always see here. My trip back across got me an appointment with my chiropractor in Santa Barbara. The same guy was on his return trip and nailed me. You would think he would have learned by almost hitting me the first time to not be looking at his phone and power skating. Continue reading

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I Have a New Partner to Play Games with

I often play video games when I go visit my grandparents. Just recently, my grandfather began to take an interest in my games. He began asking me which ones I play, how I figure out how to best play them and more. I asked if he wanted to try one of them out, and he was hooked soon after. I set up my favorite game for him to play, then I downloaded a Virtual Families 2 hack so that I could get him some of the items in the game that will help him play easier. He is 84 years old, and I think it is pretty cool that he is now playing, too.

I visit my grandparents during school holidays and for a few weeks every summer. Mom says this gives her some time off for herself, and she also wants me to be close to my grandparents. I love to visit them. They spend a lot of time doing things with me when I am visiting. Continue reading

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I Learned That My Wife is the Same Great Woman That She Always Has Been

I don’t like it when people stonewall. What that means is that if I ask questions and someone refuses to answer, that is a problem for me. It is abusive in my eyes. My wife had suddenly started stonewalling when it comes to the Snapchat app she uses. I wondered if there is a way to hack Snapchat easily, and there certainly is! All I had to do was to download another little app that does all the work for me. I am so grateful for all the little tech helps that are available to people now, and this particular one also saved my relationship.

The reason that I left the last woman that I dated years agao is because she was super secretive about so many things. It was like pulling teeth to get her to tell me where she was going, where she had been, etc. Continue reading

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