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Got Some Art Deco Socks for My Birthday

At first I was wondering if my friend Shiela made these socks herself, because they almost look like they are some of her artwork. She is like at art deco designer and she has been working on this style, which I have sort of made fun of in a totally not serious way. At any rate she found this place that makes custom sock, it is called Custom Elite socks and they are on etsy where she gets a lot of her ideas from. This is the URL At any rate she had them make me about six different designs of socks, some of them are purposely hideous and that is the truth. Continue reading

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Investing Time in Finding a Quality Roofer

Whether looking to get work done on the roof of a business or a house, there are few jobs that really matter more in terms of quality and attention to detail. People may not think twice about their roof when it is getting the job done, but once there is a problem with it, it can become a major complication. One of the worst, yet least noticeable issues is the potential for small leaks. Water can enter the building and go to strange places or possibly even remain undetected. A roofing contractor in NYC can identify this though and stop the leak from continuing before mold or other problems make the entire problem even worse.

The bottom line is that roof repairs and installation can be extremely expensive, but that investment is worth it if it means the prevention of future problems. Continue reading

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Free Quotes for Tree Service in Westchester, New York

It has been quite awhile since I have had any tree work done in my yard. I guess that it has probably been too long, because I have some trees in my yard, that are in pretty bad shape, and in want of being cut down. It would do me a lot of good to try to find a tree service in westchester ny that I feel comfortable hiring for this job. I have some reservations about the whole thing, and want to make sure that the tree service that I hire, has the proper insurance and such. The last time I had a tree service done at my house, I was really worried that the guy doing it would get injured in the process. Continue reading

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Dad’s Humor when It Comes to Drain Cleaning in Mt.Vernon NY Had the Plumber Laughing

My dad is the constant comedian. He is the one to find something humorous even when it is something that will cost him money. I guess his outlook is the right one to have since he is healthy and happy even though he is 80. His doctor recommended he start taking a little fiber to supplement his lack of it in his diet to promote regularity at his age. When he had to call a company that does drain cleaning in mt.vernon ny to use a hydrojet on the sewer line, you can imagine how much fun he had trying to tie in his doctor’s recommendation with the clogged up sewer line.

The drains had begun to run slow at my parent’s house a few weeks after dad started his fiber regimen. He was making jokes that what gets him going clogs up the sewer. Even the plumber was laughing. However, the real cause was just years of buildup in one section of the sewer line that looked to not have been installed correctly. There was a small ridge inside the pipe that was catching things and letting it narrow the pipe over time.

We could see it on the monitor from the camera that the plumber sent down the drain. My dad said it reminded him of his colonoscopy video. Even mom smiled on that one. Continue reading

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A Quick Roof Repair to Prevent Future Damage

After every rainy season or period of inclement weather, I always go up on my roof to check things out. I want to make sure that everything is as it should be, and that there are no potential issues with the condition of my roof. The last time I was up there, I noticed an area of the roof that did not look normal. It looked like it had almost begun to rot away. I thought that I had better call a professional, so I looked up roof repair in queens to find someone who could help me.

I found one company that had availability the same day. The repair man went up on my roof and confirmed my initial thoughts. There was a patch of my roof that would need to be repaired so that water would not be able to do additional damage. He took out all of the bad, rotted parts of the roof, and replaced it with new wood and shingles. Continue reading

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Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in New Jersey

I am hoping to get my kitchen remodeled soon, and I really have a grand idea for what it is going to look like when it is done. I have already accepted the fact that this is going to end up costing me a whole lot of money, but I think that it will be worth it. I just really want to have a nice place to cook, and that is what I am going to shoot for. I am looking into kitchen remodeling in bergen county nj and I would like to find a contractor that will be able to transform my kitchen into what I have in mind right now.

I am really excited about this whole process, and there is so much that I want to get done. I am going to get a new floor put in. I have not decided what I want exactly yet, but it needs to be some sort of tile that looks nice. Continue reading

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I Needed to Save Money on TV

I really wanted to have TV programming, but I knew that I could not afford it. At least, that is what I thought. When I had my cable disconnected, my bill was nearly 150 dollars per month. Granted, I was getting a lot of channels, but it was just too much money for me to spend each month. I did miss having it though, and that is when I discovered I can have my cake and eat it too, as far as cable TV goes anyway. I discovered Charter TV after a friend told me to check their webpage out.

I saw where I would be able to get all of my favorite channels for an incredibly low price each month. Continue reading

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Started to Look at the Cost of My Own Place

I have to figure out what I can afford and how much it is going to consist of if I get my own place. Of course I have been sharing a place with these two other guys I was going to college with, but now I have a better job and I have got out of school. Most of all I am getting out of bed bright and early in the morning and these guys are staying out at night. It is not going to work. We have things set up nice though. We got one of those directv packages and we share the cost of it and a nice internet hook up. Obviously when you cut the price up three ways it is not that big of a deal. Of course I have to think about other things. Continue reading

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Our Remote Backup Service Helped Us After a Fire

Our business location had a fire last month. As far as we can gather, one of our employees went out back to the smoking area we had set up for them, and they dropped a lit cigarette into a trash can full of paper. We have an ashtray area set up for each of the employees to use, but he forgot. While insurance would help pay to get set back up again, another saving grace was the face that we have backup server done remotely for us through another company that we pay on a monthly basis.

For many years we chose to simply have a couple of extra servers at our location to handle all backups. But we do not have a server room, and this made us decide to have it done at a remote location instead. Little did we know this choice would save us. Physical servers at our location would have never made it through the fire. In fact, next to nothing in our building survived the fire.

We were able to set up at another location. Continue reading

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Quality Property Appraisals Made Easy

This day and age it seems to be getting harder and harder to know the true value of anything. There are so many hard to read factors and complex details that estimating on your own is virtually impossible when it comes to properties. The truth is that it takes a lot of experience and training to be even remotely accurate, so it is hard to trust the word of anything less than a professional. This may sound daunting, but the upside is that getting a professional quality Sacramento Valley appraisal is now much easier than it has ever been.

These guys have been in business for over sixteen years, which makes it pretty clear that they have both experience and reliability. Their appraisals are well trusted throughout the community, as they have a great track record and intimate knowledge of the area. Continue reading

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I Was Thinking About Opening a Little Coffee Nook

I got to thinking about this after I went up to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital one day on business. I had to go see a client who was up there. He had this incident with a truck on the motor way and it ended poorly for him. At any rate I stopped at this little nook they had set up and got a very good cup of coffee. I realized that the fellow had set it up quite well. He had a lot of gear, apparently he had gotten a Centralcoast coffee grinder and one of the really nice coffee makers that they have. Continue reading

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Fantastic Offers for Satellite Television Plans

I have to get a few things done today, and one of them is to get a television service in place as soon as I can, because I am probably more than a little bit addicted to television. I just stumbled upon this site, based the URL:, and it seems to offer information about satellite television plans in the state I ma not living in, which is something that I am interested in. The reason I am looking for a television plan, is that I just moved to another state, in order to be wit the love of my life, and I had enough money saved up to go ahead and buy a house here. Continue reading

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Kind of Thinking About Trying to Do an Invention

I got this idea after seeing an ad for something that is called a Selfie stick. It is just this little gadget. I guess that it is about a foot or so long and on one end of it is a place where you can hold your smart phone. The other end has a button and you apparently connect it to the camera on your phone via blue tooth. That seems kind of dumb to me to tell the honest truth. At least I am pretty sure that I would feel like a fool if I were out in the public eye holding this thing and taking a selfie. Of course it is not a bad idea aside from that fact, and if it worked well enough that might make it less of a problem. Personally I really do not take a lot of selfies. Continue reading

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Friendship Found Across the Globe

This Christmas I’ve done quite a bit of travelling. Ever since I was a boy I’ve had the Internet. I started chatting with people as young as 11 and began to play various online games around the same time. I was a lonely kid thanks to being an only child with the loneliness exacerbated by the fact that my parents were getting divorced by the time I was 12. It was a rough childhood with my only friends being those that I made in the games. This Christmas I decided to visit them, finding Singapore short term rental apartments for the last leg of my trip to visit my friend Juan. Continue reading

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How Hard is It to Get a Job for a Toronto Limo Service

I just started wondering this after I ran in to a guy I used to work with. When I was in high school he and I worked at a Tim Horton’s on the highway outside of my home town. It was a total coincidence, but I ran in to him the other day and he was driving a stretched mini van that belonged to a Toronto limo service. They were sitting outside of a club and I happened to be walking past. He called out my name and at first I did not know who he was. Back when I knew him he had a full beard, which helped him to get in to bars even though he was under age at the time. In fact when I knew him this guy drank a lot. Continue reading

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Buying Followers Was the Right Move

I knew that I needed to do something to get better results with Twitter. I had never used this social media platform before getting an account for my business, so I was trying to learn how to best utilize it for my needs. I discovered that the only thing that would do this would be to get more followers, views and likes. I thought I was doomed until a friend told me to find out more at on how to improve my Twitter numbers. She had used the same site to build up her own numbers, so it was nice knowing that I could also ask her questions after looking at the site.

It seemed simple enough. Continue reading

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It’s the Married Life for Me

I am officially a married man. My beautiful wife Joanna and I got married last week. So far, the marriage has been nothing less than great. I moved from United States to the country of Singapore to be with my lovely wife. We plan on starting our own business. We have a lot of our personal objects with us. We received many wedding presents from family members and friends. We cannot keep it all in the house. I need to find place for self storage in Singapore.

We need a storage facility that can hold all of our stuff. The ideal facility would be one that has adequate and competent security. Our belongings are very valuable to us and must be protected at all times. Continue reading

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The Best Time of Year to Save Big Money is on Cyber Monday

I try to save money by not splurging all throughout the year on every little item that I want at the very moment that I see it. In the past, I bought all throughout the year with very little thought and quickly found myself in debt as a result. After spending years of making payments to pay back the debt, I learned my lesson. Since then, I have learned to purchase what I want during sales instead. This year, I year I plan to get a new laptop this way.

I did a search for Cyber Monday laptop deals 2014 online and found some great deals. This is a sale that occurs every year on the Monday that follows Thanksgiving day. Continue reading

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Luxurious Apartments for Rent in Portland, Oregon

I have moved to Portland, Oregon in order to pursue my dreams. I recently accepted an amazing job opportunity in the city, and it is definitely going to involve a bit of going out on a limb to move to Portland, but if this works out, then it could launch my career. I am not sure how many opportunities I am going to get to break into my career of choice. Anyway, I better find apartments in portland or that are currently available for rent. I am looking for an apartment that is pretty luxurious, as I want to make sure that my quarters are comfortable during my stay in Portland.

The last time I lived in an apartment, I got the cheapest one I could find, and it was very tiny and cramped. I will not make that mistake again, and since I expect the compensation from my new job to be fairly considerable, it seems appropriate to go ahead and rent a nice apartment. Continue reading

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Number of Televisions Connected with Direc TV

Right now I am paying close to 40 dollars a month, just to have two digital boxes in my house, that have DVR capabilities. It seems extremely excessive, and I am not able to get digital cable on the rest of the televisions in my house, because that would cost even more. It is annoying, and I want to make a switch. To that end, I have been browsing – – in hopes of learning more Direct TV and what they have to offer, in terms of the television packages that they have, and other things like that.

I am particularly curious how many televisions I am going to be able to have hooked up to the satellite dish, and how much it is going to cost, on a per television basis. I would really prefer to not pay extra, for extra televisions, because it seems like you should be able to pay for television on a per household basis, and not on a per television basis. That is the way I view it anyway.

I do like DVR, and I make use of it quite a bit. Continue reading

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