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Using a VPS for Software Testing Online in an Isolated Environment

My wife and I have spent a lot of time in self-education to learn how to develop apps for computer use. The first programming language I learned was BASIC back in the early 1980s. It may have been 1979. I remember having a small computer that had a keyboard built into it. The keyboard was not even full size. The storage media was a cassette tape in a small cassette tape player. You could have one program running at a time in RAM. Now we found ourselves looking for a cheap Windows VPS to have a sandbox OS operating online that we both can access from anywhere.

Years ago apps were called software applications. Then is was shortened to “software. Continue reading

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Helping My Brother with Pay Stubs

My brother asked me if I would be able to help him with some accounting work. I did take accounting in high school, but that was nearly 30 years ago. I just did not feel confident enough to help him, especially when he told me that it was pay stubs that he wanted me to do for a few contractors he had working for him. I told him I could not do that, but that I would help him find a cheap way to go about it. I found a site that said to click here for more information on generating pay stubs, so that is what I did.

It took me to another site that is exactly what my brother needed. Continue reading

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My New Favorite Website for Discovering Music

My friends and I love dancing. Without music, there would be no dancing. So, I would say that both music and dancing our passions. The type of dancing that I do really depends on the type of music that’s playing. I’m always looking for new music that I’ve never heard before. I’m open to new genres, artists, and sounds. One of my favorite places to find new music is the Krafta website. Prior to discovering it last week, I was completely in the dark.

In the past, I found new music by browsing various websites and searching on the web. It was difficult to find things that I hadn’t heard before. I was looking for some new sounds, and I wasn’t finding anything that interested me. My friend told me about Krafta, and ever since then, I haven’t had to search anywhere else. It’s really easy to search the site and discover new music. Of course, there are lots of songs that I’ve heard before as well. I really like that I get a variety of music to choose from. Continue reading

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I’m Taking the Same Type of Classes My Dad Once Took

I was born in China. My mother was also born there, and when she was in her twenties, she met an American man who she married. That man is my father. When we still lived there, my dad had access to a great kung fu education because of the many classes available in a nearby city. When I was very young, I can remember sitting outside and playing with my toys while watching him practicing his moves nearby. He learned enough to become a brown belt while we were there. When I was four years old, we moved to America.

I was never lucky enough to take all the same classes that dad did before we left to come here. I was too young, or so my dad thought. But he did take the time to teach me some of the things he knew. I would clumsily follow along, but did not have much interest because I was so young. Instead, I wanted to go outside to ride my bike, play with my friends or throw a ball around with my playmates. Continue reading

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When You Replace Your HVAC System, Make Sure You Do It Right

We put it off for as long as possible, but the heat this summer had us calling for air conditioning installation in New York City. We checked the weather and had it done when there was a cool spell in the middle of summer. We had a lot of 90 degree plus days this year. The old AC system was struggling to keep the place even halfway comfortable. The main problem was the removal of the humidity. It felt muggy inside even when it was okay as far as the temperature goes.

Replacing the entire HVAC system was our project. We had problems with the furnace the last couple of winters. While we were ahead on our budget, we decided to invest in the infrastructure renovations now. It would be nice if the city could do that with all of its roads, subways, bridges, tunnels and sewer systems. It is an investment. Continue reading

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My Favorite Tree Fell Down During Bad Weather

I’ve loved the trees in my yard for the last 30 years that I have lived in my home. I really did not think I would lose a large part of one. But getting help with tree service in Long Island is what I ended up needing badly. I know nothing about trees, and I had no idea that they really need regular care. Call me naive, but I am a busy person and I have never learned anything about trees. I simply had no idea. But after getting some help, I understand what needs to happen for their health from now on.

One of the trees out in front of my house was about 50 feet tall. It is one of two trees that are so tall that they help to shade my house enough to keep my utility bills down. But after a very mild rain storm one night, I hard an odd cracking noise outside. Continue reading

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I Can Get You an Interview with My Resume Tips

I get people asking me to make them a resume all the time. It is not that hard. One thing I learned a long time ago is that most who are in charge of hiring have to go through a lot of resumes. They do not want to see something fancy, and their eyes naturally fall about one third of the way down the page for a few seconds first. That is the first thing they look at. I use a resume template that takes advantage of that section of the page to accentuate what you want the potential employer to see. For some it is your work history. For others it may be educational history. It depends on the job you are going for. I use a different template for each purpose.

In my opinion, they are not likely to even look at your name until they see what they want. The first thing in the weeding out process is to eliminate the resumes that are not qualified. Continue reading

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How Do You Stop People Spying on Your Phone?

I have started to work on a little side project, but right now it is just in the planning stages. I am trying to figure out how to prevent people from using things like kik spy, programs which intrude on your privacy. There are actually a great many of these programs and they are widely used. I have a lot of questions about how it can be done and I have been looking for answers without really finding them. I have not found an employer’s helpline yet, but I need to figure out a lot of things that seem difficult for me to get answers to. In fact the big questions involve money, not only the money to operate the business itself though. If you are going to be doing it part of the time, then you can go on working in the office. However that is probably not a really practical idea in reality. There are only so many hours in the day, and this project is going to take a good bit of time. Continue reading

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What Do You Need to Hike the Appalachian Trail?

I have backpacked and hiked a good deal, but I have not ever attempted anything this ambitious in the past. I am think about how long it would take to hike the length of the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to New York and on Maine. I am wondering how long it would take and how practical it would be for me to take the whole trip at once. Right now I am working on a backpacking gear list and trying to figure out how well I can pick up provisions while I am on the route. I am aware that there are a good number of places where you can stop, do your laundry and pick up supplies. Continue reading

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How We Use Professional Video Production in Our Company Personnel Training

We have to shoot interviews with our industry professionals to keep our employees in the loop of ever changing and developing technology. Nothing is static in our business. A week could go by and something could come along that has the potential to change our market landscape. We stay profitable and relevant by quickly adapting to developments in our field. If we can make it better, we do. We shoot a lot of our overseas experts using a company that does corporate video in Singapore. They shoot, edit and produce what we need in a timely manner.

For example, a scientist recently released a paper on the development of something new in our medical marketplace electronics. It is a game changer as far as we are concerned. We wanted our scientists to ask him a lot of questions to fully inform our people on what was coming down the Pike. Our senior scientists are in Singapore, so we flew him in to have a video shoot done. It was great. Continue reading

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Great Time Eating Spanish Tapas

I just had an unexpected delight during my stay here in Singapore. I went with a friend to a restaurant, and he said that they were serving Spanish food. I was a bit skeptical at first, because this is not a place I would think that you could find good Spanish food, but it turns out that I was wrong. We had some Spanish Tapas for lunch at the restaurant he took me too, and it was some of the best Tapas I have ever had in my life, which is saying something, as I have visited Spain a few times.

Spanish cuisine has always been one of my favorites, and I think that is largely due to the fact that my grandmother was from Spain. Continue reading

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Life Has Turned out Better for Me Because I Was a Late Bloomer

You never know what will happen in life. When people are very young, they often spend their time focusing on finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. Schoolwork and other important things sometimes become neglected because so many people focus their time on someone to share their life with at a very young age. I was interested in finding someone long ago, but I was a bit of a geek and just didn’t have the lucky that so many other people did. I soon wondered if I would end up being an old spinster who had only sex toys to keep her company one day.

What I did not know is that I spent a lot of time on things that should not have mattered so much back then. I fretted when I did not get invited to school dances. I felt depressed when no one invited me to junior or even senior prom. I became resentful when I listened to the happy sounds of laughter coming from the teens who lived next door, every time they went out for dates on a Friday or Saturday night. It took many years for me to realize that I was given a gift. Continue reading

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Almost Finished Moving into My New Place

We found a new place and we have just gotten moved in. It is not all that far from where I work and it is really convenient for Jane. She likes the fact that her Mom is not more than a few blocks away. So she can help out with the baby any time that we need her to do it. Of course the mother in law is thrilled about this, she loves to help out with her grand baby. The house needs a few things. I already talked to a tree service in Brooklyn NY. There is a huge tree right above the left side of the house and it has a large dead limb right above the side porch. There is not much choice except to get rid of it and I am certainly not going to try to do it myself. Continue reading

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Our Daughter Can Play Outside Safely Now

When my husband told me that we were moving to New Jersey, I was incredibly excited. I have lived on the west coast all my life, and I was more than ready for a new adventure with the man I love. We flew out ahead of time and found a house to buy. I was so happy to see that there were a lot of geese around the property that we put an offer in on. But after we purchased the house and we moved there, I soon learned how important Canada geese control in NJ can be.

I really liked opening the windows up each day to see the geese flying around. I even love the sounds they make. I watched them daily as I passed by the windows and unpacked many moving boxes. At sundown, my husband would come home, and we would relax outside on our patio while watching them, too. Truly relaxing. Once we were all packed, we then had more time to do things outdoors, which came a few weeks after we had he house all set up and unpacked.

The very first day, I sat on the patio and watched our 5-year-old daughter play in the backyard. Not long after, I noticed that she had something all over her sandals. It was then that I realized that it was goose droppings! I took her inside, put a new pair of shoes on her, and we went back outside. Not long after, she stepped in goose droppings again. I surveyed the yard then and saw that it was everywhere! This meant she could not even play in her own yard.

The neighbors told us that it is something you have to deal with or get someone to come help you. We chose to get help. The place we called promised no harm to the birds, and they have gentle ways to get the birds to move to another area. It really worked, too!

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A Quick Roof Repair to Prevent Future Damage

After every rainy season or period of inclement weather, I always go up on my roof to check things out. I want to make sure that everything is as it should be, and that there are no potential issues with the condition of my roof. The last time I was up there, I noticed an area of the roof that did not look normal. It looked like it had almost begun to rot away. I thought that I had better call a professional, so I looked up roof repair in queens to find someone who could help me.

I found one company that had availability the same day. The repair man went up on my roof and confirmed my initial thoughts. There was a patch of my roof that would need to be repaired so that water would not be able to do additional damage. He took out all of the bad, rotted parts of the roof, and replaced it with new wood and shingles. Continue reading

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Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in New Jersey

I am hoping to get my kitchen remodeled soon, and I really have a grand idea for what it is going to look like when it is done. I have already accepted the fact that this is going to end up costing me a whole lot of money, but I think that it will be worth it. I just really want to have a nice place to cook, and that is what I am going to shoot for. I am looking into kitchen remodeling in bergen county nj and I would like to find a contractor that will be able to transform my kitchen into what I have in mind right now.

I am really excited about this whole process, and there is so much that I want to get done. I am going to get a new floor put in. I have not decided what I want exactly yet, but it needs to be some sort of tile that looks nice. Continue reading

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Got Some Art Deco Socks for My Birthday

At first I was wondering if my friend Shiela made these socks herself, because they almost look like they are some of her artwork. She is like at art deco designer and she has been working on this style, which I have sort of made fun of in a totally not serious way. At any rate she found this place that makes custom sock, it is called Custom Elite socks and they are on etsy where she gets a lot of her ideas from. This is the URL At any rate she had them make me about six different designs of socks, some of them are purposely hideous and that is the truth. Continue reading

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Investing Time in Finding a Quality Roofer

Whether looking to get work done on the roof of a business or a house, there are few jobs that really matter more in terms of quality and attention to detail. People may not think twice about their roof when it is getting the job done, but once there is a problem with it, it can become a major complication. One of the worst, yet least noticeable issues is the potential for small leaks. Water can enter the building and go to strange places or possibly even remain undetected. A roofing contractor in NYC can identify this though and stop the leak from continuing before mold or other problems make the entire problem even worse.

The bottom line is that roof repairs and installation can be extremely expensive, but that investment is worth it if it means the prevention of future problems. Continue reading

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Free Quotes for Tree Service in Westchester, New York

It has been quite awhile since I have had any tree work done in my yard. I guess that it has probably been too long, because I have some trees in my yard, that are in pretty bad shape, and in want of being cut down. It would do me a lot of good to try to find a tree service in westchester ny that I feel comfortable hiring for this job. I have some reservations about the whole thing, and want to make sure that the tree service that I hire, has the proper insurance and such. The last time I had a tree service done at my house, I was really worried that the guy doing it would get injured in the process. Continue reading

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Dad’s Humor when It Comes to Drain Cleaning in Mt.Vernon NY Had the Plumber Laughing

My dad is the constant comedian. He is the one to find something humorous even when it is something that will cost him money. I guess his outlook is the right one to have since he is healthy and happy even though he is 80. His doctor recommended he start taking a little fiber to supplement his lack of it in his diet to promote regularity at his age. When he had to call a company that does drain cleaning in mt.vernon ny to use a hydrojet on the sewer line, you can imagine how much fun he had trying to tie in his doctor’s recommendation with the clogged up sewer line.

The drains had begun to run slow at my parent’s house a few weeks after dad started his fiber regimen. He was making jokes that what gets him going clogs up the sewer. Even the plumber was laughing. However, the real cause was just years of buildup in one section of the sewer line that looked to not have been installed correctly. There was a small ridge inside the pipe that was catching things and letting it narrow the pipe over time.

We could see it on the monitor from the camera that the plumber sent down the drain. My dad said it reminded him of his colonoscopy video. Even mom smiled on that one. Continue reading

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