Monthly Archives: November 2017

I Found a New Apartment Last Week

Of course the place I was living was okay, but I did not have my name on the lease and the guy who did just packed up and vanished. The landlord came and tried to bully me into hiring a service that does house cleaning for Singapore, but I just laughed at him and asked him what was in it for me. Obviously when you sign the lease they make you pay that thing that they can keep if you do not do like you agree, a security deposit. I did not pay a security deposit, in fact there were two other people sharing his apartment before I did. My name is not on anything and they have nothing on me. I made a deal with the guy who did that, but he has gone some place else. I think that he moved in with his girlfriend. Continue reading

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I Hurt My Tailbone in a Fall

I have fallen a few times in the past, and the only thing that was hurt was my pride. When I fell this last time though, my pride was the last thing that I was thinking of. I could barely get up on my own, and my tailbone hurt so much. It hurt to walk, it hurt to sit, it hurt to do just about anything. I spent nearly two days laying on my couch or bed, but then I knew I had to look up some Santa Maria chiropractors and find one who would be able to see me that same day.

I could not go through another day of just laying there in pain, and I knew that I needed to make sure there was nothing seriously wrong too. Continue reading

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I Wanted to Look Good Again Without Resorting to Makeup

“Your skin is looking rather unhealthy,” my husband said to me one night when we were sitting down at the table for a nice dinner. It was frustrating, but I knew he was right. My mom had also pointed it out to me. I booked an appointment with an aesthetic clinic soon after my husband made that comment to me. I knew that neither he nor my mother were being cruel. We all point out changes in one another. I’m glad they said something because it made me realize that I should go get help before things got out of control.

Cosmetics have never been my thing. Most of my friends love cosmetics. Continue reading

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How In-Line Skating is Bad for Your Back

In-line skating can be hazardous to your back. What makes it even more interesting is that I was not the skater! I was crossing a paved path from the beach to our car to get the cooler and beach umbrella. I waited as a bunch of bicyclists and skaters went by on the path. I crossed and almost got clipped by a guy zooming along super fast on skates. He was a big guy too. One of those muscle-bound dudes you always see here. My trip back across got me an appointment with my chiropractor in Santa Barbara. The same guy was on his return trip and nailed me. You would think he would have learned by almost hitting me the first time to not be looking at his phone and power skating. Continue reading

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